Pinery Bluffs – Living In Harmony With Nature

The Pinery Bluffs Subdivision is situated in a unique natural area that is ecologically significant and sensitive. As a resident of this community, you have the opportunity to participate in the stewardship of the surrounding natural area.

The information on this page is available as a downloadable PDF – Pinery Bluffs: Living in Harmony with Nature.

Oak Woodland and Oak Savannah

The predominant habitat type in the area is Oak Woodland. This habitat is characterized by a fairly open canopy of several species of Oak trees (Red, White, Black, Bur and Chinquapin Oak). In addition, Oak Savannah is present on the large sand dune that extends across the subdivision. This habitat is even more open than Oak Woodland, with scattered Oak trees and sunlight tolerant shrubs and ground covers.

Both Oak Woodland and Oak Savannah habitats are considered rare in Ontario.  In addition, there are a number of rare plant species present on the site and in the general area, including Dwarf Hackberry, a shrub species considered Threatened in Ontario. Other rare species include Blazing Stars and several species that are associated with prairie / savannah habitats (e.g. Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, Butterfly Milkweed, Fragrant Sumac and Black Oak). These plants prefer the dry, sandy conditions found in the area.

The information on this page is available as a downloadable PDF — Pinery Bluffs Oak Savannah


The Oak Woodland and Savannah vegetation communities also provide habitat for a diverse group of wildlife. A large list of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and butterflies has been recorded in the nearby Pinery Provincial Park, which contains Oak Woodland / Savannah and other habitat types.  The area is particularly notable for its diversity of nesting birds and butterflies, but also provides habitat for many bird species during annual migrations.

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